Blazin Logs Kiln Dried Firewood, Kindling & Accessories

All of firewood we sell to customers throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is high quality kiln dried hardwood which burns great in wood burning/mulitifuel stoves, gasification boilers and open fires.  Our firewood is also perfect to use in wood-fired pizza ovens.  All the logs used to manufacture our firewood from are sourced from sustainably managed forests.  These forests are harvested and replanted to ensure there is adequate trees for future generations.  The firewood is produced by cutting and splitting the part air-seasoned hardwood logs to the desired size loosely into cages.  These cages are then placed into a modern computer controlled kiln to finish drying for 6-8 days depending on how long is required.  The kiln is powered by a large biomass boiler which provides an efficient use for the waste bark and sawdust produced from the processing stage.  The wood in the kiln is constantly monitored by a number of sensors connected to a computer and the kiln settings adjusted accordingly to ensure high quality firewood with a low moisture level is produced.  After drying the wood is finally packed into either crates or net bags, ready for customers to burn in there stoves and fires

Our Firewood

We stock birch, ash and oak hardwoods as these burn hot and do not smoke up the stove glass.  Birch is our most popular wood and is a fantastic all rounder.  It is very easy to light, has an excellent heat output and lasts well.  Ash and oak are slightly harder with the oak being the heaviest.  Although these may not be as quick to light they may last slightly longer than birch however we have found from experience it depends on the type of stove installed and draft as to which wood is best for you.  Some customers find the birch lasts just as long as the oak as it will flame nicely with very little air whereas the ash and the oak especially may need the stove air valve opened slightly further in order to keep a good flame.  When burning these we recommend mixing with birch for ease of lighting.  The different wood species are very easy to tell apart.  Birch has smooth thin sliver bark and the wood is a pale brown colour; ash has a smooth thin grey bark and a very light colour of wood; oak has a rougher darker bark and the wood is also generally a lot darker than the birch and ash.

We have tried and tested many types of wood over the years including birch, ash, oak, thorn, spruce and pine and many more and have listened to our customers feedback.  This has resulted in the birch, ash and oak being the types of wood that we have selected to supply and we know you will not be disappointed.

Important factors when purchasing wood are the wood species, moisture content and volume.  All our wood is kiln dried and <17% moisture.   Volume is a very important factor when purchasing wood however care must be taken here as there is a large difference in the quantity of wood between the stacked volume of wood (as in our 1.2m3 crates) and an equivalent volume of wood that is loose filled as in bulk bags.  Firewood should never be purchased by weight without the wood species and the moisture content being known as the higher the moisture content of the wood,  the heavier the wood will be.   All weights mentioned on this website are approximate only – we do not sell wood by weight.  If you would like to visit our warehouse to see the wood for yourself, please contact us in order to arrange an appointment.

Good for the environment!  As a tree releases oxygen during its life, it counterbalances the CO2 emitted during burning.  This therefore makes firewood a carbon-neutral fuel.  Our firewood is manufactured from forests that are responsibly managed to ensure that there is a sustainable supply of wood for future generations.  Do your bit for the environment and enjoy the warmth and special glow from the fire at home when you buy your next stock of firewood from Blazin Logs.