Poly Bag of Birch

  • Prepared for easy storing
  • For immediate burning on all wood burning appliances
  • Kiln Dried Birch Logs give the clean burn with maximum heat output
  • Excellent length of 25cm, recommended by stove manufacturers to fit 99% of wood burning stoves
  • Bone-dry, average moisture content – 17%
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Prepared for Delivery

Firewood logs prepared for safe delivery and easy storing. 100% Ready to Burn and release maximum heat output.

Perfectly Splitted Logs

Our specialised equipment for wood splitting guarantee accurate logs length, does not exceeding 25cm ( 9,85 Inch), recommended length of 99% stove manufacturers.
Logs are clean and free of fungi damage.

Low Moisture Content

Special dried Firewood Logs with 17 % average moisture content gives higher heat output and lowest ash content to make your fireplace easier to maintain.

100% Ready-to-Burn, Spread Maximum Heat Output and Warm Your House


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