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Soot and creosote released together with smoke present the greatest danger. Water vapour, which is released during timber combustion process, bond them together.
Stoot Remover consists of a special blend of crystals.Some components of this blend have a catalytic effect on firewood combustion process – they break down the resins contained in the timber into the flammable gases, whilst other components at high temperatures release the gases, which react with tar deposits and destroy their structure.
This causes complete evaporation of water – the major component to maintain the firmness of tar. Only brittle residues of tar are left: finer particles are exhaust through the chimney, whilst the bigger ones crumble down, undergo thermal decomposition and burn down.
Regular use can ensure:
· Constant cleanliness of your heating device and chimney;
· Enhanced efficiency and capacity of your heating device and safety of the entire heating system;
· Reduced fuel consumption;
· Increased life-time of your heating device.
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