Crate of Ash


Premium selection of mature ash hardwood burning logs. Firewood dried below 17% moisture content.

  • Perfectly stacked for easy storing
  • For immediate burning on all wood-burning appliances
  • Kiln Dried Ash Logs give the clean burn with the maximum heat output
  • Excellent length of 25cm, recommended by stove manufacturers to fit 99% of wood-burning stoves
  • Bone-dry, average moisture content – 17%

Crate dimensions:

  • 1,17 m3 – 1.15 x 0.85 x 1.20 (~450kg)
  • 1,52 m3 – 1.15 x 1.10 x 1.20 (~600kg)
  • 1,96 m3 – 1.15 x 0.85 x 2.00 (~800kg)

Wood length – approx 25cm/10″.


Very tidy, great value & perfect for garages with a low door!  Holds approximately 1.7 dumpy sacks / 1.4 jumbo sacks / 27 net bags of wood.

1.2m3 Crate (450kg) of tightly stacked kiln dried ash firewood.  Volume of stacked wood in crate - 0.9m3.

Crate dimensions

  • 1,17 m3 – 1.15 x 0.85 x 1.20 (~450kg)
  • 1,52 m3 – 1.15 x 1.10 x 1.20 (~600kg)
  • 1,96 m3 – 1.15 x 0.85 x 2.00 (~800kg)

Wood length - approx 25cm/10".

Premium Kiln Dried Fire Logs - Ash Fire Logs

Blazin Logs offer premium mature hardwood burning logs that are bone-dry with the average moisture content of 18%. For your convenience, our wood is delivered ready to burn and release maximum heat output for your home.

By stacking firewood logs in the crates we can load 20% more logs compared to loose bulk bags. By eliminating empty gaps between logs meaning you only pay for logs, not air! So you get 20% more quality kiln dried ash firewood logs for your money.

Increased heat output and stove efficiency

You don’t have to worry about tar and soot building up in your stove and chimney. This build up is caused by wet firewood logs smoke. Because our premium firewood is kiln dried and has a very low moisture content, it burns clean meaning you get increased heat output, you protect your stove warranty and you reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance of your stove.

So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet aroma of the Blazin Logs firewood as it heats your home on cosy evenings.

Logs to fit all sizes of stove

Excellent machine split kiln dried firewood logs of 25cm length will fit 99% of stoves (recommended size by stove manufacturers). We can ensure that the firewood we deliver to you will be clean and free of any damage such as fungi damage. You will simply have to set your logs into your stove as our premium kiln dried firewood is ready for immediate burning upon delivery.

Weight 4.00000000 kg

1.2 m3, 1.5 m3, 2 m3

5 reviews for Crate of Ash

  1. Paul Warwick

    Fantastic product. Quick delivery and wood burns well. Crate fitted into my garage no problem ( with standard roll up door). Would thoroughly recommend this product and will definitely order more. Great value for dry quality timber.

  2. Mervyn

    Quality Company. Quality wood, quality price and quality service. I buy the kiln dried wood in 1.2m3 crates which are tightly packed so not buying " fresh air" Don’t be fooled by inferior products they won’t provide good lasting heat. Harvey’s wood is best quality, you won’t be disappointed .

  3. Sharon

    We have been customers of Harvey Fuels for almost a year now. They came highly recommended and have certainly lived up to this recommendation. We have never been disappointed by the product or let down by the prompt and always reliable service. We have bought a mixture of both Birch and Ash both are bone dry, easy to light and uniform in length. I would highly recommend Harvey Fuels.

  4. Gareth

    Having spent last winter buying builders bags of softwood that we burnt through in no time and was messy and unattractive, I decided this year I’d buy hardwood. After searching numerous sites and suppliers I opted for Harvey’s, and I was am disappointed. The wood is bone dry, even in length and really tightly packed in the crates. It lights easily, burns with a lovely flame, gives off great heat and lasts a long time. It also burns really clean and my stove glass has stayed soot free. I think the wood is very good value and service from Harvey’s was first class, friendly and efficient.

  5. Barbara…Coleraine

    My son in Bangor recommended Harveys for logs. We had been burning logs bought locally which made tge glass black and clogged the flue. Harveys logs, I got ash and also oak and they light easily and burn cleanly not messing the glass or flue.

    Prompt reliable delivery. Very friendly people cheerfully give advice and I would certainly encourage friends to try them.

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